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Some Of The Reasons Women Need To Lose Their Infatuation With High Heeled Shoes

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No one really knows why shoe infatuation is associated with the female gender. It’s not like we make that much of a fuss over men and their Nike Jordans, so why pick on women and their shoes? For some, there is just something about slipping into a nice 4 inch strappy heel for a night on the town. Ironically, the shoes that women love so much are actually putting a toll on their feet, as well as the rest of their body.

What is the culprit? Foot doctors and surgeons have been alerting the public for years now about the harm that shoes with high heels can cause. The worst of the bunch are the ones that present narrow toes. These can lead to health problems without a woman even knowing the damage they have done to themselves. Some cases even result in deformities of the foot that just will not go away. There is even evidence that suggests that high heels also cause arthritis of the knee, as well as other joint disorders. Who would have ever thought that a shoe could bring down your health?

This has led to the efforts of numerous foot experts, who wish to bring better healthcare measures to women who simply cannot part with their shoes. Several orthopedic foot and ankle specialists have gotten together to approve a variety of products that will help in foot care. They will also assess which shoe selections are reasonable for the maintenance of knees, ankles and feet.

High heeled shoes have been the leading cause bringing women to visit orthopedic doctors, who seem to be seen by these type of doctors four times more than their male counterparts. The constant wearing of shoes with high heels or narrow toes have led to a high incidence in corrective foot operations. This is what happens when women choose fashionable footwear over health and many of them aren’t even aware that they are doing it.

The results of repeated narrow or high heeled shoe wear of today’s latest fashion trends have been compared to the Chinese practice of foot binding. Although women who endured this practice showed signs of joint problems, they never sustained any bone deformities. It is usually the front of the foot that reveals common foot problems. Years of wearing improper footwear lead to bunions or other infractions of the toe. These signs often surface in middle aged women. These problems are caused by increased foot compression and pressure when wearing narrow shoes or high heels.

To avoid these foot problems, women don’t need to discard their love of shoes, but instead make wiser choices when it comes to footwear. That means settling for a shoe that is light and comfortable and doesn’t have a tight area for the toes. Also, women must stray from tempting selections with a high heel. In the long run, your feet will thank you for your efforts.

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