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The Relationship Between Hair Loss and Male Masturbation

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Hair loss in men is very common as age progresses. Masturbation is also very common in men, so naturally there have been people that tried to use hair loss and baldness as reasons to avoid what some felt was a sinful or unnatural act. Yet if logic is applied to the issue, it is very hard to see a difference between masturbation and the normal sexual act with a partner that results in ejaculation. Both produce a climax and both result in the release of seminal fluid. So on this basis it may be concluded that there is no connection at all between the development of male pattern baldness and frequent masturbation. So now in more liberal times, when wives tales and other moral warnings have faded from prominence, this supposed connection has been generally considered false and without any basis in fact.

However, during more recent and advanced studies of the causes of hair loss it was found that a byproduct made by the body from the male sex hormone testosterone, called DHT tends to increase the rate of hair loss. DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone, and since testosterone is related to sexual functions, the possibility of a link between frequent sexual excitement, intercourse leading to ejaculation and also masturbation has become suspect and additional studies have been undertaken to see if there may be truth in the age-old belief that frequent male masturbation can lead to premature baldness.

DHT is not usually present in significant amounts in the body, but when ejaculation occurs frequently, it turns out that some testosterone is converted into DHT. Unusually high levels of DHT can lead to several conditions, one of which is an increase in the size of the prostate gland. But one other effect is that more DHT is found near the roots of hairs, which can affect the growth cycle of hair and lead to an earlier shedding of the hair from the follicle.

If this research is correct, it would be of interest to know how to reduce DHT production and accumulation. One way is to reduce the frequency of ejaculation, whether from normal intercourse or masturbation. This may be asking a lot from men who have a drive to attain orgasm frequently. Indeed abstaining from ejaculation often causes other painful condition, the so-called “blue balls” feeling of pain and tightness.

Other “habits” may be easier to control. One is to avoid eating red meats such as pork and beef. Chicken, turkey and fish do not have any effect on DHT production. One’s diet should include more vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Finally, DHT can be eliminated from the scalp and follicles by use of certain hair treatments and shampoos that contain additives that remove DHT. Diet and hair treatments can be combined, perhaps with a reduction in masturbation as well, to bring about a successful reduction in hair loss.

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