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Why Bodybuilders Wake Up to Eat at Night

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Even after maintaining a perfect dieting regime during the day, most body builders will still wake up during the night to have a snack. There are many explanations why they do these. Rarely is it because they love eating at night or because they can not wait to eat, as most people believe. Eating at night does not indicate how greedy body builders are or how serious eating disorders are among body builders. Rather, it is a practice motivated by a credible scientific basis.

To begin with, a body builder should have something going in the stomach at all times, whether during the day or night. Reason it this way; why is it important to eat small meals after every two hours during the day? If one must eat something after every two hours of day, why then should you as a body builder stay for ten hours without eating just because you are sleeping? The body needs to maintain a balanced nitrogen level, muscles need to be repaired, restored and renewed during sleeping moments. So why not provide them with nutritional raw materials as adequately as possible even though you are sleeping?

For a body builder who aims at accumulating maximal muscle gains, he or she should never allow the body to have a break from digestive processes while that time could be used to ingest some more weight, some more raw materials into the body. Unlike muscles which need rest after workouts, the digestive system needs provisions not rest after the workouts. Whenever there are no proteins too digest and convert to muscle tissue, body building growth stops and waits for the next supply.

Further, anabolism processes and as a state, demands that the body builder maintains an optimal caloric supply. The best results in muscle growth accrue from maintaining anabolism with excess calories rather than with the barest essential. In fact, to achieve the overdrive in muscle generation, a body builder must constantly supply an excess of the calories in the body at all times.

The major reason why body builders, who are serious with muscle generation and who are very particular with their dieting needs, wake up at the middle of the night for a snack is to maintain the body at an optimal nitrogen balance. They ensure that during the day, they eat at least between four and six times throughout the day, and once or twice during the night, so as to increase their digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. This is the only way to provide and maintain a steady body influx of proteins, carbs and fat.

After the 4-6 meals formula each day, a body builder is well advised to also include one or two protein drinks and a nutritious snack, at night. This provides for and maintains the processes of muscle growth at their most optimal. The Glutamine EFX supplement for instance, provides upto30 grams of pure protein and reliable carbs content for the late night eater. Eating at night is not just beneficial but should be encouraged. It is all about, and should be therefore regarded as, an infusion of necessary nutrients to the body at a time when they are most needed.

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