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Why are Blood Tube Strippers Important

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The blood bag tube stripper is a “plier-like” tool designed to extract undiluted blood from donor tubing using PVC blood tubing. The blood tube stripper is simple to operate and extremely comfortable to use because of the screw mechanism that allows the distance between the rollers to be adjusted, it can be used with various sizes of blood bag tubes.


Its lightweight design makes it extremely comfortable to use on a daily basis and makes it resistant to falls. With self-centric rollers, the body is made of stainless steel and anti-rust materials. The stripper comes with a spring for the automatic return slot as well as a blade for cutting the tubes.


The blood tube stripper is an important apparatus for laboratory use. It is designed especially to remove the serum from the cellular components of whole blood so that accurate concentration determination can be done on these remaining constituents. A blood tube stripper is also a must-have tool for those who work in blood banks, hospitals, or laboratories.

The following are some of the reasons why a blood tube stripper is considered a necessity in laboratories and other medical facilities:


It’s easy to use.


Blood tube strippers are available in both right and left-handed versions, making the process of stripping blood bag tubes more convenient and safer. Thus, while handling tubes, users will not have to worry about fluid leaks or spills.


Aids in anticoagulation (of blood as well as other body fluids).


Body fluids are prone to coagulation in general. This is especially true when it is extracted and placed in a container, such as a blood bag. Coagulation can be avoided if the bag is vacuum sealed and the tubes are stripped to their original state.


Stripping time is reduced.


Blood tube stripping must be completed quickly at times, especially when blood mass collection from multiple donors is required. This is a normal occurrence at blood drives, medical outreach programs, and off-site activities (field work).

It’s useful for blood bag systems. 


There are various specifications for blood bag systems. A blood tube stripper can accommodate a variety of features without the need for replacement parts or catering to specific blood bag types.


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