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Using Medical Cannabis Has a Practical Side, Too

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What Are Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol (CBD)?

So much of the public discussion about medical cannabis has to do with efficacy, politics, and morality. Such discussions are right and necessary. But using medical cannabis has a practical side, too. Like any other medication, there are things you need to think about in order to maximize the benefits of your medicine.

It should also be noted that dosage and delivery method impact a patient’s practical choices. For instance, there are few places where medical cannabis patients can vape publicly. So if vaping is a patient’s preferred delivery method, what are the alternatives when out in public?

There are all sorts of practical issues that need to be thought through. And even when the medical cannabis patient thinks they have figured it all out, something else pops up. That is just the way it goes.

Here are just a few examples of practical challenges medical cannabis patients face, compliments of Utahmarijuana.org:

Challenge: I Can’t Wait Until I Get Home

Imagine a medical cannabis patient who really needs a dose inside the last hour or so of the workday. She cannot wait until she gets home; she needs to get a dose now. But then it might not be safe for her to drive. So how is she going to get home? It is something she needs to think about before she places that tincture under her tongue.

Challenge: My Vape Pen Leaked in My Pocket

Vapers know all too well that their vape pens are fragile. Carrying one in your pocket is not the smartest idea for the simple fact that leaks are pretty common. They are so common that The Cannigma recently ran a post explaining how vapers can clean oil-stained clothing with isopropyl alcohol. We are guessing that more than one pair of jeans could eventually be saved by The Cannigma’s advice.

Challenge: If My Family Finds Out, They Will Hate Me

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges for medical cannabis patients is balancing their own needs for better health against how family members will react if they find out. The experts at Utahmarijuana.org say many patients live in fear that their family members will hate them, so they use cannabis in secret. That certainly does not make for optimal well-being, does it?

Challenge: I’m Almost Out But Can’t Get to the Pharmacy

In states with the strictest medical cannabis programs, like Utah, patients are only allowed to possess a certain amount of cannabis at any one time. There is often a practical issue with getting to the pharmacy before one’s supply runs out. Medical cannabis patients eventually need to figure out how to schedule their pharmacy trips. Either that, or they turn to home delivery.

Challenge: I Have To See the Doctor Because My Card Is Going to Expire

Like written prescriptions, medical cannabis cards are not perpetual. They need to be renewed from time to time. And in most states, that means going back to see the doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who made the recommendation. Now a patient needs to take time out of the day for yet another medical appointment.

Consuming cannabis medically is not nearly as straightforward as using it recreationally. That is by design. As a medicine, cannabis needs to be used a certain way to maximize its benefits. But there are practical issues that come along with it.

The practical side of medical cannabis is very real. Sometimes it’s amusing while other times it is downright annoying. Yet it comes with the territory. If you are a medical cannabis user, it is territory are familiar with.

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