November 30, 2022

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Travel Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

15 Travel Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling |

What medical jobs allow you to travel? If you love traveling and helping people, then being a traveling healthcare worker would be the best choice of career for you, I mean, what job pays well and allows you to travel? Nursing is one of the jobs that would always be in demand because as long as there are people getting sick, they will always be needed and there are a ton of healthcare traveler jobs by advantage medical professionals that you could choose from. So here are some travel healthcare jobs for people who love traveling.

What is a healthcare traveler? There are some experienced professionals that are working for the Healthcare Travel Agencies that are dedicated to providing some healthcare facilities and hospitals that are in need of short-term staffing support. They are given some Travel Assignments in healthcare that could cover a variety of specialties in both the clinical and non clinical parts of the job.

Healthcare traveling positions to check out

  1. Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are registered nurses who are hired by different healthcare facilities and hospitals to work in these specific areas for typically about 13 to 26 weeks because of the high demand for nurses to fill up all of those shortages. Travel nurses could expect a higher salary than a nurse that does not travel and usually receive a stipend so that you could cover the housing arrangements while on the assignment, including transportation.

  1. Traveling Medical Scribe

You could become a traveling medical scribe even if you are not a full-blown medical professional but you want to get some experience before you continue your education. If you already are one and maybe have experience scribing, then you could become a Certified Trainer Scribe instead, giving you opportunities to travel to facilities across the country.

  1. Travel Therapist

This goes on with any kind of therapist, from physical therapy, occupational therapy and even speech-language pathologist, it is available when you want to become a traveling therapist. Due to absences and leaves, staffing training, and maybe any other circumstances that were the result of staffing gap, hospitals and healthcare facilities have vacant spots. These assignments typically last from 13 to 26 weeks, then you are off to travel to another facility, or you also have the choice to take a break after.

  1. Local Tenens Physician

Locum tenens translates to “To hold the place of, to substitute for” in Latin so when physicians extend a leave or when hospitals need to fill a staffing gap during the peak season, then locum tenens physicians are there to fill in for them.

Being a Locum Tenens Physician could give you a more flexible schedule, experience different facilities, and settings, give you extra income, and give you a lot of travel opportunities. They can last for a number of days to six months depending on the position that you are filling.

  1. Medical Device Sales Representative

For hospitals and healthcare facilities to provide the most up-to-date care for their patients with new and exciting equipment, medical device sales representatives are there as an important piece of healthcare systems. 

Since a lot of healthcare medical device sales, companies need representatives who have experienced and talented sales professionals in order to travel across the country, and one of the other benefits that they have aside from traveling itself is that there are a few limits to potential earnings.

  1. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Commonly referred to as pharma-reps, Pharmaceutical sales representatives are there to help educate healthcare and medical professionals that would prescribe medication to their patients about the benefits and drawbacks that their products lineup might have. They also help in educating the healthcare professionals about some of the new changes that may or may not help in improving care for the patients.

  1. Military Health Career

If you want to serve the country, your patients, and travel the world? Then having a military health career could be a job that you could put in your choices. There are plenty of medical job careers that you could choose from, there are roughly 31 medical and emergency careers that you could get in the armed forces and you would typically be enlisted for a set amount of time. 

The time that you would get enlisted would differ, depending on some different circumstances or goals, and if that’s the case, then you are going to have to get in touch with your local recruiter to find more things about that.

  1. Healthcare Consultant

They are healthcare professionals who have prior experience in these specific regions and overall healthcare business management. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need additional expertise so that they could ensure that they would be able to raise revenues, reduce costs, and improve the outcomes of the hospitals’ patient care. They have valuable expertise, and they are very vital in the improvement of hospital standards and procedures from an outside perspective.

  1. Sports Medicine Consultant

Sports medicine consultants don’t only have the benefit of getting to travel around the country (and possibly the world), but they are also dealing with the finest athletes around. Being in this field, you could be a physical therapist, athletic trainer, nutritionist, and the like and they make sure that their athlete(s) are in prime condition and they have to make sure that the athlete that they are working with will maintain their peak health.

  1. Telemedicine

Hospitals and healthcare facilities see telemedicine as one of the innovative ways to stay connected with their patient and provide care in some ways that you and other people have not seen before. It could be broken down into sharing information between the patients and the healthcare providers through technology in order to help provide the care and treatments for their patients from a distance.