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Top 3 Tech Companies in Wisconsin

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Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, employing millions of people. The tech industry is also extremely lucrative, providing employees with large salaries and cushy benefits. Many areas are known for their tech jobs, including areas such as Silicon Valley, Austin, and San Francisco. However, one area that doesn’t get enough credit for its role in the tech industry is Wisconsin. While Wisconsin might not be the first location you think of when thinking of the tech industry, there actually is a handful of great tech companies that call the state home. So if you are looking to buy one of the Milwaukee houses for sale and are looking for a tech job, where should you look? Here are the top three tech companies in Wisconsin. 

Derco Aerospace

Derco Aerospace is a company located in Milwaukee, specializing in creating military equipment such as planes and helicopters. Derco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, making it a prestigious company to work for. Founded in 1979, the company hires some of the most qualified and accomplished graduates in the state of Wisconsin. Derco offers challenging and important work, leading to high job satisfaction among employees. Additionally, the company offers great compensation packages, further adding to the quality workspace. If you’re looking for an engineering or aerospace position in Wisconsin, Derco is one of the best places to go. 


Symphony Corporation is a Madison-based technology management and solutions company, serving several high-profile businesses.  Symphony serves a variety of industries, including state medical societies, health plans, healthcare technology companies, and software companies. As a growing IT company, Symphony serves as an amazing opportunity for young professionals looking to break into the tech industry. When it comes to workplace culture, Symphony typically hires a diverse group of employees, leading to a diverse workplace that is home to many creative ideas. Additionally, Symphony sports high job satisfaction overall and an amazing employee retention rate. If you want to work for a diverse tech company, Symphony presents an amazing opportunity. 

Prevention Genetics 

Prevention Genetics was founded in 2004 and is currently located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, employing hundreds of people. As the company name suggests, Prevention Genetics primarily specializes in genetic testing and research. The company has been changing the genetic testing industry, constantly introducing innovations and new technologies. They also offer DNA banking, long-term storage of a customer’s DNA. When it comes to job satisfaction, employees tend to be overjoyed with the high salaries and meaningful work. Prevention Genetics is still a relatively small tech company, resulting in a small close-knit workforce. Additionally, it leaves plenty of room for the company to expand, presenting a potentially lucrative option if you can get in on the ground level. If you’re looking to join a tech company with high growth potential, Prevention Genetics is a great option. 

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