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The precautionary methods that can be followed while taking tadalafil

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Cialis (tadalafil)

While following the medication for the diseases, precautionary methods should be followed. This will help your doctor in prescribing you the medicines that suit you. The components that are present in the medicines are capable of causing reactions when they come in contact with other substances that lead to severe allergy or side effects that sometimes lead to complicated situations. It is always better to tell your doctor about your previous medications either they could be prescribed, non-prescribed or herbal to avoid serious side effects.

Interaction of the drugs

It is better not to start, stop or change the dosage of the drugs without the doctor’s advice. Riociguat is a substance that interacts with tadalafil and causes some serious effects. 

Blood pressure can be dropped down when this reacts with nitrates. This will lead to dizziness, fainting stroke, and rarely to a heart attack. It is better not to use this medicine with the drugs that are used to treat chest pain as they contain nitrates. 

The dosage will be altered by the doctor when the blood pressure goes down as it causes dizziness. Care should be taken while using this prescription as you might be dizzy and also avoid the use of alcohol when you are under this prescription. 


Each tablet contains 20 mg of tadalafil and the other ingredients include lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium laurilsulfate, magnesium stearate. 

It is a carboline-based compound accompanied by vasodilatory activity. It is available in the market in different doses. The dosage starts from 2.5mg, 5mg. 10 mg and 20mg. it should be taken as prescribed by the physician for a limited period.

When this prescription is taken for ED it is better to take one tablet a day for the prescribed period. Do not over consume the dosage as it could cause side effects. 


It is advisory to use tadalafil after consulting your doctor. A clear study of the patient will be made by the doctor before prescribing the medication. You should feel free to explain to your doctor about your problem to get a better solution.

To get a better result when you consume this medicine on regular basis, consume it at the same time every day. When you take this medicine for ED, you can take it half an hour before in involving in sexual activity. 

It is also available in powder form to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and to treat BPH in men. The side effects will be severe when it is consumed more than the advised dose. 

This medicine can be taken when there is a need for this. The patient must convey to the doctor about the allergic substance if they have any. The prescribed dosage will help to improve the flow of the blood when the patient is treated for ED. 

After the prescribed period is over, it is better to visit your doctor again. He might increase or decrease the dosage according to the requirement of your body. The dosage can be completely stopped when the problem is cured. 

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