The Importance of Evidence-based Therapy

The Importance of Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy |

Why Is Evidence Based Treatment Important?

Evidence-based therapy are experimental methods used to treat or address mental or behavioral issues. This practice was established and was introduced way back 1992 by Gordon Guyat and was continuously done and harnessed by a group of psychologists and their associates. Behavior and thoughts of people are hard to tell and should be studied deeply to be able to evaluate it. That’s why evidence-based treatment has been used since behaviors of people are different from each other but behavioral patterns are similar. So they used these patterns to analyze and formulate different approaches and methods in addressing mental and behavioral issues of people. Evidence-based treatment has been proven to be effectively used on patients with behavioral and mental issues. 

What Is The Difference Between Evidence Based Treatment Vs Evidence Based Practice?

Evidence Based Treatment refers to the methods documented and known to be capable of treating or aiding people in fixing their issues on their behavioral and mental issues. Methods are used on present mental issues and every step done is recorded, if it shows positive changes on patients then it will be counted as an effective way in tackling such issues or issues similar to it. Evidence based practice on the other hand is the application of the treatments that are proven to be effective. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Evidence Based Practice In Psychology?

In every practice there will always be advantages and disadvantages. In evidence based practice in 

psychology there are pros and cons of it:

Pros of  Evidence Based Practice In Psychology

  • Evidence based practices are continuously improving through continuous research which makes it more effective in addressing different behavioral and mental issues. 
  • Combination of evidence based practice frameworks are being used to  tackle one issue and effectiveness is successful in most cases. 
  • Insurance companies cover evidence based practice which makes it more affordable for the patients. 

Cons of  Evidence Based Practice In Psychology

  • Basis of evaluation is too vague, specific methods to address mental or behavioral conditions are sometimes challenging to find.
  • Differences among people make it hard to determine if evidence based practice is applicable. Since people’s personalities are unique, there can be lapses when evidence based practices  are used even on similar situations and behaviors. 

What Are The Reasons Why People Need Evidence Based Therapy?

There are a lot of reasons why people need evidence based therapy. Some people are not able to control their thoughts and behavior, so they come to a point where they need professional help to correct these issues. Evidence based therapy can address a lot of issues such as :

Evidence Based Therapy For Trauma

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been used in addressing trauma and shown to be effective. CBT methods teach patients to focus on the positive thoughts instead of thinking about the incident that caused their traumas. Patients are also trained to manage distressing feelings, thoughts and behavior. 

Evidence Based Therapy For Anxiety 

Anxiety can affect people’s life if not addressed at an early stage. Exposure therapy has been used in treating anxiety disorders. In this type of evidence based therapy, patients are taught strategies on how to handle situations that cause their anxiety. In this way the patient can practice calming down on situations that can lead to anxiety and avoid anxiety attacks but instead think of what can be done to pacify the situation. 

Evidence-based therapy or even examples of non evidence based treatments have been used for years in treating a lot of mental and behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, phobia and many more conditions. Most of them can show high success rates when it comes to aiding people to overcome their issues. Evidence based therapists can last for a longer period of time if necessary to be able to be effective. It has helped a lot of people change their lives for better but getting the professional intervention they need. People sometimes find it difficult to control their thoughts and feelings. That’s why therapists need to come to their aid to be able to fix the issues they have. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and their associates have been giving their best to their patients, so they can unleash better versions of themselves.