June 6, 2023

Baen Scriptions

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Six Steps To Wash Your Hair The Right Way!

How To Properly Wash Your Hair The Right Way In 5 Simple Steps?

It may be crazy to think if we are washing our hair the right way but it is crazier to find out maybe we aren’t. If you are trying and failing at perfecting your hair to make them look like it did post your recent salon trip, we may have some tips to help you out. Firstly, the trick to heavenly mane is in washing your hair in the right way (yes, there is one!) Once you master the tricks on how to shampoo and condition your hair perfectly as your hairstylist does, you will only look forward to good hair days. 

  1. Choose the right hair cleanser: how hard can be finding a shampoo be right? Turns out, a lot. Just as you are willing to burn the midnight oil to find the perfect skincare products, it is equally important to find the right scalp cleanser to match your scalp care needs. If you have colour-treated hair, find a shampoo that works well for coloured hair. One thing your hair hates is harsh chemicals. Avoid shampoos with phthalates, silicones, parabens, and such chemicals. 
  1. Don’t eyeball your shampoo: If a shampoo bottle directs you to ways on how to use hair cleanser, follow it. You should only use a quarter-size amount of shampoo during your hair wash. Scalp cleansers first remove dirt from the scalp and then continue to strip off the essential oils produced naturally. These natural oils protect your hair from drying which is why there shouldn’t be excessive washing unnecessarily. Opt for natural scalp cleansers to keep you away from using harsh chemicals.
  1. Deep condition: Use an intensely moisturising hair conditioner that is tailored for your hair care needs. If you have coloured hair, use a colour protectant conditioner, if you are looking to add in extra shine, look for a conditioner with ingredients such as coconut oil. Use the conditioner from the lengths of your hair to the tips and avoid it on the scalp. Using conditioner on the scalp will make your scalp greasier and clog your hair follicles. Leave the conditioner on for a minimum of three minutes to get the most of it and rinse it off with luke warm water. While you may feel the urge to skip the conditioner post hair wash, finishing off your hair wash with conditioner will leave your hair much healthier and manageable.
  1. Set the water at the right temperature: Yes, you may be tempted to enjoy a steaming hot shower after a long tiring workday but avoid it all cost. Washing your hair with hot water will expose your strands to heat which in return strips your hair and scalp from its natural oil leaving you with dull and brittle hair. Prefer washing your hair with cold or lukewarm water and let your last rinse off be with cool water. A cool water blast right before you step out will help seal your cuticles and lock in all the moisture. 
  1. Dry it right: Even if you are out of the shower, your haircare doesn’t stop. Air dry your hair to keep it from frizz causing friction and if you have to use one, opt for microfibre towels. Use a heat-protectant mist before you start styling your hair and always use a leave-in conditioner once you are out of the shower. 

Follow these 6 hair wash steps to always wash your hair like a professional and wake up to salon-styled hair every day.