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Sales Techniques – Using the Double-Bind Or Alternative Close

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Sales Techniques – Using the Double-Bind Or Alternative Close

The double-bind or alternative close is useful for helping your prospect make any decision, big or small. Very often, conversations flow without direction and end without accomplishing its purpose. This technique can direct your conversations to where you want them to go, and get you the commitment you need from your prospects.

You can allow this technique to help you when making appointments, bringing the presentation to a close or to upsell your prospect. The possibilities are almost limitless.

When using this sales technique it is important to offer your prospect only two options – no more, no less. This gives him the perspective of choice, yet it doesn’t overwhelm his mental faculty with different options.

If your prospect has only one option, it may not fit his needs or timing. He may thus suggest alternatives you’re not prepared for, bringing the conversation into uncharted waters. If you give him more than two choices, his mind will be distracted and most (if not everybody) will put off the decision making to another day.

With only two options presented, most people feel comfortable to make a decision on the spot, especially if it doesn’t require a big commitment. Thus you can often get a commitment as soon as you use the alternative close.

Here are some examples of how you can use this sales technique:

1. When getting an appointment, ask, “What is a good time we can meet to discuss your real estate option – Thursday at 3pm…or would 6pm suit you better?

2. When closing your prospect, ask, “By the way, would you like to use your credit card or cheque?”

3. When you’re at McDonalds, you’re often asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee or tea to go along with your big breakfast?”

When you can get your prospect to be more decisive, you can eliminate procrastination. Why is this important?

Whenever your prospect goes off to “think about it”, you have to make another appointment, get both of you into rapport again and spend time summarizing what was discussed during the previous meeting before you can pick up from where you left off. Sound draggy, isn’t it?

When you delay closing the sale, you risk losing it. In fact, sales are often lost when prospects say, “let me go and think about it”. This is because the prospect is distracted by other offers from the competition. His buying desire is also diluted over time by other events that appear to be more urgent in his life.

You can use this technique in your personal life as well. More than just a sales technique, using the double-bind really helps improve your communication. Many small, yet important decisions that are otherwise put away can now be made on the spot.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it and see how easy it is to use this sales technique. It truly feels great when you can help your prospects put off their procrastination and make a decision today.

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