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Private Drug Treatment Centers Help With Methadone Addiction

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Heroin drug addiction is a serious issue in the US. Most private drug treatment centers in the US which are totally equipped to help individuals fight this addiction and emerge sober, administer Methadone in patients to overcome their heroin addiction. Methadone is basically a synthetic opiate that mimics heroin effects in the body. However, you need sufficient medical expertise to administer Methadone, which is why it is done in a safe environment where the dosage of the medicine is closely monitored and reduced in a gradual phase to make sure there are no withdrawal symptoms linked to heroin abuse.

Did you know there are people admitted for Methadone addiction also? The number of people who are addicted may be small but they do exist. People who use Methadone without the safe environ of a drug rehab, tend to abuse it and get addicted. For these health-risk individuals who have become dependent on Methadone, there is no other route for being cure but to check into a rehab where there is Methadone drug treatment administered.

It is a classic case of one addiction turning into another when a person uses Methadone with the right intention to possibly beat heroin addiction. But once the person develops ‘opiate addiction’ in the form of habitual interest in Methadone, the person is now facing a two-faced demon-Methadone Addiction and a possibly recurring heroin addiction. Now since this is a case of a dual addiction, it is better to go to a highly reliable and if you consider, anonymous, drug rehab like a private drug treatment center which is specialized in treating such problems and making the person recover fully. In private drug treatment centers, the individual receives total care, counseling and cure-the 3c that matter the most in the given circumstance.

The private drug treatment centers usually administer detox to overcome Methadone addiction. Usually Methadone, an opiate is used as a detox but since the person is already suffering from Methadone addiction,

it is better to go for natural detox. As a part of this process, the individual stops taking Methadone; and the body is given the opportunity to self-cleanse itself of opiate toxic impurities. It is possible that the person may experience withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable and tiring in nature. A private drug treatment center has on board detox professionals who can help in easing these symptoms and making the person stay focused during the treatment.

The second step is counseling where individual and group therapy is administered to help the individual understand the gravity of his actions and then develop a strong action plan that can help him stay away from such temptations and become sober once again. Group counseling is also quite helpful because the person is able to benefit from the experiences that are shared by other recovering addicts about their struggle against drug addiction which may strike a chord with the patient.

The final part in Methadone addiction treatment is the after-care program which is a quality follow-up program that usually happens in the form of 12-step programs, counseling and sober living tips which have practical information on how one can stay motivated and energetic in the present and future.

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