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Periods Getting Late Even When You’re Not Pregnant? Here’s Why!

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Contributed by: Anjali Sharma



Concerned about delayed periods, specially when you are not expecting?

There are quite a few motives behind late or skipped intervals other than pregnancy. It could be a hormonal imbalance or several healthcare explanations for skipped periods. 

Several girls get stressed out when they expertise difficulties like delayed intervals. But pregnancy is not the only motive for which a female faces this condition. As time passes by, your human body also transforms and with these transformations, the interval cycle can come to be irregular. 

Females who may not have attained menopause commonly have a 28-day cycle which is a balanced menstrual cycle. On the other hand, it could last any place from 21 to 40 days in some cases.

If your period of time does not tumble among these parameters, then it is a make a difference of problem.

Here are some widespread motives powering your late or skipped intervals other than pregnancy: 



Tension can simply dominate your period of time cycle. Researchers have decided that as the stage of strain will increase the overall body provides a hormone called cortisol which induces pressure hormones.

In reaction to anxiety, menstruation or time period cycle receives influenced and at times it gets skipped.

If you’re beneath extended pressure and skipped additional than a single interval, you really should acquire that indicator very seriously and plan to go to the medical professional quickly.


Pounds achieve or loss

Becoming underweight, overweight, or dealing with sudden bodyweight instabilities influence your menstrual cycle.

Hormone amounts in the human body get impacted by the fast fat modifications and this sales opportunities to skipped intervals or skipped periods.

In the situation of weight problems or excess weight obtain, the period of time cycle is disturbed or receives major.

Gals who expertise sudden excess weight reduction or are underweight can expertise late or no periods. This typically takes place in competitive athletes and women of all ages with major taking in problems.



After pregnancy, women go via breastfeeding and it is also a explanation for no period at all or rare intervals.

According to physicians, following being pregnant for some time it is usual to practical experience time period cycle fluctuations or no time period at all.

A lot of women misunderstand this situation as a health care situation but it is completely standard.


Regular intensive workout

Routine exercising is a fantastic lifestyle habit that can help in keeping the human body and the system lively.

Nonetheless, often excessive and powerful common workout lowers the estrogen amount, which is a hormone that regulates the woman reproductive method.

Numerous female athletes bear secondary amenorrhea, indicating they really do not get a period of time for at minimum six months or even longer, because of to demanding coaching and work.



If you have began getting new drugs, then there are chances that you may possibly expertise side consequences of it.

Irregular durations are a person of the side effects that are expert when you start out using some new medicines.

Some delivery manage procedures, this sort of as an IUD, implant or shot, might cease your intervals while you are them.



Pre-menopause is the original phase of menopause. Females who are about to enter the menopause stage, practical experience rare or late durations. This is because of to the decrease in the degree of estrogen hormone.

Even though coming into this stage, you might have lighter, heavier, far more recurrent, or significantly less frequent periods.



Thyroid illness impacts several women, and there are two sorts: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, the two of which can disrupt your menstrual cycle.

Simply because the thyroid controls your body’s metabolism, hormone degrees may well be impacted.

Thyroid troubles are often managed with drugs. Your menstruation will most possible revert to its typical cycle immediately after remedy.


Closing feelings

If you have found that your menstrual cycle has been irregular lately, or if you’ve skipped a time period but aren’t pregnant, you ought to seek advice from your health practitioner right away.

The faster they can decide a prognosis, the sooner you can begin doing the job on regaining control of your cycle. 

Gals get disturbed when they experience unexpected skipped, delayed or no intervals at all.

The earlier mentioned-mentioned motives will give clarity on what can be the motives driving your disturbed cycle.

Just after understanding the causes you can choose additional steps to cure this circumstance or stop by a physician. 

Also, ayurvedic medicines and herbs are a excellent selection which can substantially lessen the trouble of missed and delayed intervals.


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