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Mens Hair Loss – 3 Effective Treatments

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Statistics say that 95 out of 100 men’s hair loss cases are causes by Androgenic Alopecia, which is known as male pattern baldness. Significant male pattern baldness will affect well over one-half of adult men worldwide.

So what are some of the treatment options available for men that are experiencing baldness and thinning hair. For the men that have been experiencing some mild hair loss, starting with a product like a DHT inhibitor is the best recommendation.

DHT Inhibitors

DHT Inhibitors are best used to maintain the hair you have and are used as single option solutions. The DHT inhibitors bind Testosterone and 5-Alpha Reductase, which keeps DHT levels close to normal. This stage of hair loss is dealt with a the root of the problem of hair loss.


SOD’s which means Super Oxide Dismutase. This hair treatment works from the immune response that happens as an excessive amount of DHT built up in the hair follicle.

When cells sense something that is foreign, they release Super Oxide, which would normally defend the body against foreign tissues, cells and viruses. SOD’s works to reduce the presence of Super Oxide, thus reducing the body’s desire to reject the hair follicle.

Growth Stimulators

Growth stimulators don’t actually deal with hair loss per se, but deals at a symptomatic level which can artificially stimulate hair growth. This can be the most effective way to cosmetically reverse the balding process.

I hope this doesn’t get too technical sounding as there are other natural ways available to help maintain your hair. Such as a great diet and exercise program. Reducing stress and anxiety also can make a huge difference with someone that is in the process of losing some of their hair.

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