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Losing Hair? Re-Grow Hair and Stop Hair Loss Naturally

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Off late, it has become a routine to see people on the streets suffering from baldness or hair loss. Gone are the days, when we thought it was only men, and that too only those beyond the age of 40 that faced hair loss issues. Today, there are youngsters in their teens to women in their late 30s who have become victims this and are struggling to fight this battle. There are many products available in the market for people who wish to combat this problem, but how effective are they? Most of them are likely to be created using strong chemicals, so they fight whatever it is that is killing the scalp and promote hair growth. If a person suffers from severe hair loss at a young age, they might be tempted to take steroids that they have heard work wonders. But what these pills will do is have harmful effect on their organs and lead to severe fatal side effects. It is therefore advised that the people who are seeing increased loss should resort to the natural cure for this condition.

For some, it could be iron deficiency, or excess production of DHT in the body and another option is the thyroid not functioning properly. For everyone, hair is an indicator of how healthy they are and how hygienic they have been. If a person walks into the office without combing their hair, it reflects badly on their character. Their hair would also be lacking in the necessary minerals and vitamins. These days, people go in for coloring their hair, and if this is done too many times, or using harsh coloring dyes, it will make the hair dry and brittle, which would lead to hair loss. For such problems,. Doctors who practice natural cures will recommend iron rich diet and plenty of green leafy vegetables. Consumption of adequate amounts of Vitamin A will also help, and these can be obtained through cheese, soya, milk, and other food items. Getting a nutritional diet is the bottom line for any kind of health ailment. Adding some spinach, nuts like almonds and walnuts, fish, tuna, sunflower seeds and dairy products in one’s diet will keep them healthy for many years with no worries.

Nettle is also known to help boost hair growth and it is taken in the form of Nettle root extracts. It work wonders as they are rich in Vitamins, such as A and C which help fight the production of DHT in the scalp and thereby stimulates hair growth. Green tea, ginger, egg, rosemary and lemon are also known to be effective in cleansing the scalp from any infections or dandruff like problems which will automatically help in hair growth. It is recommended to consume Vitamin B complex, Iron pills and multivitamins on a daily basis, as this is said to help build our immunity system and keep us going. Application of kelp oil is also found effective in some cases, available as shampoo.

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