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HUM Nutrition’s Flatter Me Is Clinically Shown to Reduce Bloating

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HUM Nutrition’s Flatter Me Is Clinically Shown to Reduce Bloating

If you want fast-performing bloating relief, HUM’s Flatter Me supplement might be just what you have been searching for. In truth, we ended up so confident in its ability to decrease bloat that we executed a scientific trial to see how powerful this digestive enzyme complement is. See how it stood up to a slice, ahead.

Nothing can ruin a fantastic food very like bloat. Sadly, it’s all far too common—around 1 in five wholesome individuals report bloating, according to the Entire world Journal of Gastroenterology

Bloating can also be accompanied by distension, or actual physical swelling of the tummy that can occasionally be unpleasant. 

Pain, annoyance, embarrassment—they’re all superior good reasons to want to conquer bloat. It is no surprise then that Flatter Me, HUM’s digestive enzyme complement, has been a buyer beloved at any time given that its launch. 

Flatter Me allows to crack down the protein, carbs, fiber, lactose, and fats in food. It also will help to improve the digestive course of action and aid nutrient absorption. All of this can aid to minimize bloating.

Here’s why: If your body does not appropriately digest your food—which includes remaining damaged down by digestive enzymes—undigested parts of food items can move to the large intestine creating challenges like gasoline and bloating. This can also mean you’re missing out on crucial nutrition from your food.

Flatter Me’s standout ingredients for healthier digestion are:

  • 18 entire-spectrum enzymes
  • Ginger root
  • Peppermint leaf
  • Fennel seed
Digestive Enzyme Infographic

Especially, alpha galactosidase breaks down the linkages in fibers and is specially effective for digesting high-fiber foodstuff like beans and other food items large in FODMAPs, explains Jennifer Martin-Biggers, PhD, MS, RDN, the VP of scientific affairs and education and learning at HUM Nutrition. “Lactase also aids to split down lactose,” she states. “Some persons may possibly have delicate soreness from time to time with dairy meals and this could enable.”

But just how great is it genuinely? We place Flatter Me to the exam in a double-blind placebo-managed clinical trial and the success surprised even us.

“This is the 1st randomized managed medical examine of a commercially offered products that targets bloating with a wide spectrum digestive enzyme product or service in individuals with recurrent bloating and indigestion but no identified professional medical issue that may perhaps be creating it,” claims Dr. Martin-Biggers.

Uncover out how Flatter Me fared.

How the Analyze Labored

20 balanced gals ages 18 to 45 a long time aged with self-documented bloating or belly distension at minimum when everyday after feeding on meals participated in a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover clinical analyze. 

We labored with an unbiased, third-celebration medical investigation lab in California to make certain there was no bias. The exploration lab adhered to medical investigation moral and lawful specifications. To assure that a clinical analyze is done ethically, an impartial ethics committee, referred to as an Institutional Review Board (IRB), reviewed the analyze programs to make guaranteed it was safe and sound and intended according to study benchmarks.

Research individuals visited the lab on two individual situations (a single to two months aside) following an overnight speedy. In the course of both visits, they done a baseline survey and took baseline midsection measurements. Then they ate a take a look at food of cheese pizza and eaten both Flatter Me or the placebo right prior to consuming the check food. Equally visits were being blinded, so the members did not know which visit they took the Flatter Me and which go to they took the placebo.

Wanting to know why we went with cheese pizza? “We wished to opt for a foods that could be quickly replicated with persons coming into the lab on various days and was designed the identical way,” suggests Dr. Martin-Biggers. “We also desired a merchandise that had all of the nutrition that Flatter Me targets— cheese pizza has carbs, protein, fiber, excess fat, and lactose. It is also a widespread bloating culprit for some folks,” she explains.

Following the meal and assigned nutritional supplement, participants answered study inquiries and experienced their waistline circumference measured 30 and 90 minutes immediately after taking in. The waist circumference measurement assessed for distension and bloating at each phases. The study issues concentrated on normally knowledgeable adverse signs affiliated with gastrointestinal health and fitness.

End result Highlights

Flatter Me reduced bloating

Soon after only just one use…

  • 80% of members experienced considerably less bloating when they took Flatter Me compared to a placebo.
  • On normal, individuals expert .57 inches and as much as 2.06 inches considerably less tummy bloating right after a meal in comparison to having a placebo (just after only a single use).
  • Members had been substantially a lot more probable to want to carry on using Flatter Me in contrast to the placebo.
  • 65% of individuals felt much less stomach distress following feeding on a meal as opposed to how they normally sense.
  • 55% of contributors felt significantly less gassy than ordinary when using Flatter Me.
  • 55% of participants felt Flatter Me served them digest superior.

*Primarily based on a crossover medical review of 20 participants who took Flatter Me the moment with a test meal and a placebo the moment with an equivalent exam food, as assessed by midsection circumference measurements.

“We saw a quantifiable change in between the bloating folks seasoned when they took both Flatter Me or the placebo pill with a food,” points out Dr. Martin-Biggers. “It was quite thrilling to see numbers from calculated bloating and distention to aid how persons had been feeling.”

Flatter Me Flat Stomach

Why Take A Digestive Enzyme?

“If a person is dealing with digestive upset, like indigestion, gas, or bloating right after meals, they need to take into account using a digestive enzyme,” claims Dr. Martin-Biggers.

“Your body may possibly not be developing enough enzymes or you could gain from the soothing organic mix to tranquil indigestion. Or you might just will need a minimal increase to break down your food items to support reduce occasional bloating that some foodstuff could lead to,” she explains. (Understand a lot more about how digestive enzymes function to help split down foods.)

There can be a lot of brings about of bloating, so if you are anxious you may well have a healthcare issue or your digestive distress is accompanied by other indicators, seek advice from with your health practitioner just before having a digestive enzyme. 

How to Get Started out with HUM’s Flatter Me

Flatter Me can be taken daily just before your two most significant foods of the day or can be taken one off ahead of feeding on a much larger or far more prosperous meal. “Many people benefit from taking it consistently for aid to assistance with recurrent bloating from foods,” advises Dr. Martin-Biggers. Just try to remember: Make positive to consider it with foodstuff so it can get to do the job!

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