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How To Wear Contact Lenses Correctly? Dos And Dont’s

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1. Wash your hands

Make it a point to clean your hands carefully the two just before and after placing in your speak to lenses. Our hands contact so lots of surfaces during the day and come in call with a gazillion kinds of micro organism, each very good and undesirable. Because you are utilizing your fingers to slip your make contact with lenses into your eyes, there is a excellent possibility that you could transfer these germs on to your eyes. This is why you ought to definitely make it a point to wash your arms with soap or disinfect it with an liquor-centered cleaning soap correct just before inserting your make contact with lenses.

2. Use your index finger

It is constantly recommended to make use of the index finger of your dominant hand in buy to insert your speak to lenses. Let the concave facet of the lens facial area the upward course when you location it on your finger. Always make absolutely sure to have completely wiped your palms dry after washing them as speak to lenses tend to stick to damp fingers and that could build an additional headache for you. 

3. Position it effectively

Immediately after you have put it on your index finger as mentioned over, use the center finger of the other hand in an additional push your eyelid upwards, and hold it there. Slowly create speak to involving the floor of your eyes and the contact lenses. Make certain that the bottom part of the lenses is the first to touch your eyes. After you have placed it on your eyes, gently press it until you can really feel it sticking. Right after you have moved your fingers absent, the call lenses really should be able to float in your eyes. Blink a pair of occasions to nudge it into the right posture. 

4. Allow your eyes to get accustomed to them

If you are just commencing to don get hold of lenses, then you could possibly have received advice from your medical professional to only dress in them for one particular hour a working day. Fork out heed to this information. Progressively enhance the duration right until you are totally certain that your eyes have gotten used to these speak to lenses. 

5. Process of removal

Even though eliminating much too, you ought to make sure to wash your palms and dry them. Force up your eyelid once more, and softly pinch the surface of the lenses making use of your index and thumb fingers. Test to continue to keep your nails trimmed all through this method so that you do not accidentally damage your eye or even tear the lenses. Then pull out the lenses steadily. You can even request your lens company if they have plungers for this approach given that they make the elimination process a large amount a lot easier. 

6. Consider them out in scenario of bacterial infections or accidents

Sporting lenses for the duration of any bacterial infections can show to be detrimental to your eyes. Look for rapid health-related focus if you expertise pain, bleeding, patchiness, swelling, or even itching. 

While this approach turns into incredibly hassle-free after you have gotten the dangle of it, the first phases of it can appear incredibly challenging and tedious. Attempt to use sterile speak to methods and generally maintain your fingers hygienic ahead of and immediately after applying them.

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