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Entrepreneur Lisa Jolly’s Approach to Aligning your Brand with a Social Mission

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The year of 2020 has been one filled with many lessons. From realizing how precious our health is, to witnessing the fragility of our global economy, it has definitely been a time to reflect and dive deeper into what really matters most in life. People have been pushed to their limits, businesses have been tested, and our desire to find fulfillment and a sense of purpose has become the forefront of many conversations. 

Lisa Jolly, is the founder of a natural manuka honey skincare and wellness brand, Honeybunch Naturals, based out of New Zealand. She’s been no stranger to the trials and tribulations of starting numerous businesses and as a mother of three, she’s well versed in the challenges of taking care of a family. Her resiliency is undeniable but even she was thrown off (like pretty much all of us) when COVID-19 hit. In working closely with Lisa, I’ve learned about her remarkable life journey and seen how it has equipped her with the wisdom and mindset to thrive during such a chaotic time. One crucial lesson she learned years ago that helped her to persevere with unwavering momentum, was the importance of building a brand with a bigger mission. She’s seen first hand how partnering your company with a social cause (or multiple) can be a defining factor not only in your success but your business’s ability to withstand difficult times. 

Align your Brand with a Cause you’re Passionate About. 

Tying your brand to a social cause is undoubtedly a noble act. It’s not a requirement written in any ‘how to start a successful business’ guidebook but it might as well be. When you align your brand with a mission that you’re actually passionate about, something that truly resonates with you, it adds a deeper meaning to the reason behind why you show up every day. Regardless of what stage your business is in or how successful it’s deemed to be, the going will get tough at one point or another. When these adversities strike and the days feel relentless, it helps to have something bigger than yourself and your brand, to reaffirm the value of your work. 

Lisa is an entrepreneur who sees no limit when it comes to giving back, she genuinely wants to help the world in whatever way she can. But there are several charitable missions that she holds particularly close to her heart. Naturally, this is where The Bee Informed Partnership comes in, a leading research lab dedicated to understanding honey bee population decline in the United States, in an effort to make things better. As Lisa sees it, Honeybunch Naturals simply wouldn’t exist without honey bees.

“It’s a dream come true to build a business that can support such an amazing cause that conducts detailed research on honey bee health … now is such a crucial time to be supporting bees, our lives depend on theirs, and we can’t wait to continue this partnership with Bee Informed for many years to come,” says Lisa.

Lisa created the Bee Informed Bundle, in which a portion of the proceeds go directly to supporting their organization. Beyond the donations, getting sweet notes of appreciation from her customers and the Bee Informed team has filled Lisa with a deep sense of pride, as she gets to expand her community of those who share a passion for preserving the honey bee ecosystem.

Create a Community Built on a Common Goal. 

Giving back is known to do wonders for your mental and physical well being. According to the National Institute of Health, people who donated even a small amount on a monthly basis had activated pleasure centers in their brain. These effects are amplified when we unite with others who care about the same cause, the comradery can make the experience even more fulfilling.

It’s commonly said that the energy you give off attracts the energy you get back. When you’re building a business you want to surround yourself with a network that’s filled with as much positivity as possible. The people who work for you, the partners you work with, and the consumers who buy your products all add fuel to that positive fire. The excitement and momentum that can be achieved when working towards a greater cause is highly contagious, in the best way possible. It trickles across your whole business ecosystem, attracting better customers and better talent. Not to mention, it’s an incredible way to boost morale within your company. Studies have even shown that “79% of Americans would tell others to buy products from purpose-driven companies”. So it’s a no brainer that socially responsible businesses are more likely to receive more positive attention.

2020 has shown how consumers are more empowered than ever before and are looking to support brands with a solid moral compass. Especially during times of economic uncertainty, there is even more focus on where our money is going and how it is being used. Businesses with a responsible voice have a better chance to not only survive but to actually thrive, as consumers have proven to support brands that care about more than just the bottom line. 

Give what you Can.

Each business has a choice to incorporate a socially conscious purpose or ethical tie to their operation. The contribution made doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, a brand’s voice can be equally as impactful. As Lisa puts it, “I think some people believe that you need a lot of money to activate social change but I don’t believe that this is true. In fact, it’s a key to our company spirit and culture to show other businesses and our own team that taking the first step can be as simple as donating what you have, like a honey bee lip balm!”. No matter the size of your company, you have the power to draw more attention to a charitable cause that your audience may otherwise be unaware of. Reaching 5 people is just as meaningful as reaching 500. 

Tell a Bigger Story. 

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? A hero story? Or a story that leaves us with a feeling of hope and reinstills our belief in humanity. There’s something to be said about the lasting power of companies who have purposefully weaved social responsibility into their marketing (think Toms, Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s). In today’s world, whether it’s through social media or mainstream news, a good story goes a long way. 

As we live in a time where our screens often get the most of our precious attention, you might as well use your content to inform, empower and inspire those who are looking at you. In Lisa’s case, Honeybunch uses their social media platform to share informative and uplifting content focused on honey bee health multiple times a week. She’s received continuous positive feedback from her followers and has used the brand’s mainstream media coverage to spread the message far and wide. Lisa knows that word of mouth goes a long way and so she continues to take the liberty of influencing how her business is included in a conversation. Ultimately, she wants Honeybunch to be remembered for what really counts, a company that made a difference. 

*If you want to contribute to the causes Lisa Jolly cares about please visit www.honeybunchnaturals.com where you can find the “Bee Informed Bunde”. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting the Bee Informed Partnership.

Published September 25th, 2020

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