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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Your Fast Tool To Wellness

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Scientific research has proven that everything in the universe, including us humans, is made up of energy. These findings are changing the way we view not only diseases but how we run our lives. In the last couple of decades we have been getting a much better understanding how healing occurs, as the findings of quantum physics are making their way into the practices of practitioners round the world. Energy therapies are becoming the favoured tool to deal with any kind of physical and emotional disease or trauma, because of their impressive success rate and speed of results.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the best techniques out there. It is easily applied across the entire spectrum of emotional and physical problems. Since it manipulates the body’s energy system, whilst using mind focus simultaneously, it can also be used by coaches to coach business people in goal setting, trouble shooting, focusing and much more.

How Emotional Freedom Technique heals emotional and physical problems

It is an irrefutable fact, that our thinking directly affects our well being. Negative thinking creates low energy levels and positive thinking produces higher energy levels. EFT works on the premise that, that persistent negative thinking causes a a lowering of general energy levels ultimately disrupting the flow of energy in the body. These disruptions of the body’s energy system show up as a general out of sorts feeling to begin with, gradually leading to emotional or physical problems.

EFT uses a form of needle free acupuncture together with mind focus to address any issue. You tap on a small number of meridian points on the body and face, whilst repeating aloud an “affirmation” phrase related to the issue you are addressing. Tapping on the meridian points opens up the energy channels in the body. The energy begins to flow more freely, clearing mind and body of stale, old energy, thus creating new awareness or insights and at the same time releasing the negativity that caused the energetic disruptions in the first place. Once you have tapped a few rounds of EFT you will soon notice, often within minutes, that you are beginning to feel calmer, more energetic and balanced.

Use EFT in your daily life

The beauty of EFT is that anyone can learn the basics easily and quickly. You can use it on anything and as you become more familiar with the process you will be able to get relief from anything, like stress, tiredness, anxiety, back pain, headaches, nervousness, fear, lack of focus, the list is endless. There are no limits to the issues to which you can apply EFT. In fact, I often tell my clients, that the only limits are their imagination. One caveat though, if you have severe problems please consult an experienced practitioner.

EFT also works brilliantly with children. Children have fewer inhibitions then us grown ups and they love the off beat approach and creativity of EFT and can often bring a humour to the therapy which facilitates the healing process. Actually humour is an important part of EFT. I use it a lot with my clients. Humour relaxes and relaxation aids healing, as the meridian channels expand, allowing more energy to flow freely. Therefore the use of humour in your affirmations really can accelerate positive change.

I encourage anyone with an interest in well being to check out EFT, it really can enhance your life beyond that which you thought possible.

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