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Does getting Daith piercing stop migraines?

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What is Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is a technique that is done in the area of the ear that is directly above where the helix, which is a ridge of cartilage muscle inside the outer ear or the opening to the ear canal begins. Mainly, daith piercing for migraines is done to relieve the pain of the head.

What is Migraine?

A migraine is a type of headache that usually affects one side of the head and can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing feeling. It causes nausea, vomiting, and light/sound sensitivity. Migraine attacks can last between a few hours to a few days, and the pain can be so terrible that it makes it hard to go about your daily existence.

Does daith piercing for migraine help?

If getting a Daith piercing for migraines, it’s probably because of a temporary placebo effect.

A placebo is a treatment that doesn’t work but looks like an actual medicine or therapy. The placebo effect happens when you think the placebo (a pill or, in this case, a piercing) will work. In turn, the placebo affects a health condition and can make pain feel better.

Aside from the placebo effect, there is no scientific evidence or clinical trial evidence to daith ear piercing that helps with migraines.

Why is having a daith piercing to treat migraines, not at all effective?

Migraines are caused by changes in the brain and by genetics, but no one knows for sure what causes them. People who get migraines may have inherited the tendency to be impacted by certain migraine triggers, such as fatigue, bright lights, weather changes, and others. The migraines are linked to the broadening and shrinking of blood vessels on the exterior of your brain. 

A migraine starts when overactive nerve cells send impulses to the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to widen and release prostaglandins, serotonin, and other inflammatory chemicals and causing pain. So, ear piercing for migraines is like acupuncture. 

Ear piercing medical benefits

Many people get piercings as a way to express themselves, but did you know it is also a form of auriculotherapy? Like acupuncture, auriculotherapy suggests that an ear piercing can be put in a certain place to stimulate the reflex points in the area. The ear is like a small system of pressure points for the whole body. So, there is a different types of ear piercing for the different medical benefits

1. Conch: Helps with both pain and relaxation

The piercing in the inside corner of your ear helps relieve any long-term pain, like in your spine or lower back. But many people do it now because of the benefits. When the piercing is done right, that corner of the ear is linked to the sacral spine, lumbar vertebrae, and thoracic vertebrae.

2. Rook: Digestion and Menstrual

Ear piercing, which is mostly for women, can help ease the pain and cramps that come with their periods. Just above where you get your conch pierced is the rook. It is the overhanging piece of cartilage that connects the ear to the head. When the lower part is pierced, it connects to different parts of the body, like the bladder, intestines, kidney, and even the sciatic nerve. The site above covers the uterus, cavum pelvis, and constipation.

3. Tragus: Suppressing Hunger

This piercing can be tough to heal, but the advantages are worth it. Along with the myth that the piercing helps with things like energy and aggression, it can also help control your appetite. The tragus is the small flap that covers the opening to your ear and is attached to your head. This part of the body is linked to the adrenal glands, the pharynx, and nerve functions like thirst, hunger, and neuroreceptors that respond to nicotine and want it. This ear piercing will help you control your eating and smoking habits.

4. Helix: Insomnia

People often get their ears pierced in the helix, which is the top corner of the ear. It can help with sleeplessness and allergies. That area is linked to the part of the brain that causes sleeplessness and stress. When someone has trouble sleeping because of depression, stress, or other problems that keep coming up, all they have to do is turn the ring in their ear to feel better. 

5. Daith: Migraine Relief

This piercing is known for making migraines go away. The inside of your ear is where the Daith piercing is. It is right above the tragus and close to where your ear opens. This part of the body is connected to the lower diaphragm, mouth, oesophagus, and other parts of the respiratory system. Even though the scientific method hasn’t proven that piercing helps completely get rid of migraines.

Treatment of migraine pain

Migraine headaches can’t be cured, but they can be treated effectively. There are two main ways to treat anyone with medication. The first is called “abortive” or “acute” and involves taking medicine at the first sign of a migraine when the pain is mild. The other kind of treatment is called preventative. These drugs are usually given when migraines are severe, happen often, and make it hard to live a normal life. So, the doctor prescribes your medicines according to the migraine phase.

Migraine piercing is the best way to get rid of headaches, but the scientific method doesn’t support this. You may find that the best way to deal with your pain is to take a drug that has been proven effective or you can also try home remedies for migraine

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