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A Brief Look at Incontinence Pads, Guards & Pants

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Guide to Incontinence Pads | Everyday Health

Lack of voluntary control over urination is a nightmare when going through your daily activities. This condition called incontinence has a serious hold over people of all ages, especially older adults, because it robs them of their dignity and independence. While there is no sure cure for all types of incontinence, one can increase their quality of life and restore their dignity by utilising incontinence products. These quality products are designed to absorb urine leakage and provide a certain level of security when performing everyday tasks.

When it comes to managing light to moderate urinary leakage, there are two popular options in the market. They are: Pads, Guards and Pants. All three products have their own benefits and they best suit a specific set of people. The following is a brief look at each option and the benefits they can offer. 

Pads :

Incontinence pads are products that are primarily used by active and mobile female users with light bladder leaks. The pads are anatomically designed to ensure a perfect yet discreet fit while also making sure that they provide secure protection. Even though incontinence pads are ultra-thin, they have fast drying cores and superior absorbency with leak barriers to improve user performance.  Incontinence pads will also help pregnant women manage urinary leakages during pregnancy.

Guards :

Similar to pads, incontinence guards help men manage their urinary incontinence. Most incontinence guards have a triangular shaped design with elastic gathers to make sure that they fit perfectly. Men can discreetly wear their guards inside their underwear and carry on with their day-to-day activities without worrying about urine leakage or guard slips. In addition to its superior absorption capabilities, guards also provide odour control to ensure maximum freshness.

Pants :

Incontinence pants are one of the most popular options for managing urinary incontinence. This is because they are easy to wear and provide the same level of comfort and security to both men and women. The popular pull-up pants model is a product that is ergonomically designed with elastic waist bands to provide a comfortable and snug fit under the undergarments. Pants also provide much more stability and absorption assistance as they generally have a fast acting absorption core. Due to their discreet and unnoticeable nature, incontinence pants are the perfect solution to managing urinary incontinence in not only active men and women but also senior adults.

If you are on the hunt for a good incontinence product to assist you, these are the major options that you can choose from. No matter which incontinence product you choose, you are guaranteed of one of the most absorbent and secure solutions that are comfortable enough to use. This is especially true if you are looking to purchase incontinence pads, guards and pants from Confidence Club, Australia’s best continence management company. https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/pads-and-guards

The Confidence Club operates with the motto of helping people live their life with confidence and dignity. Their wide range of incontinence pants and other products are all tailored to provide you with the most comfortable, discreet and secure options to help you stay active and confident.

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