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7 common side-effects visible when detoxing a drug addict

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When an addict tries to quit the harmful habit, he/she may go through some severe withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification program involves many side-effects. It generally depends on how long the person has been using the drug and the level of dosage.

These side-effects can be life-threatening if proper medical attention and medications are not taken. Some people require counseling sessions and a couple of therapies to reduce the symptoms. While detoxing a drug addict, the doctor applies different techniques depending on the side-effects. However, some common side-effects are experienced by almost every addict. 

7 common side-effects

Several side-effects start to increase its effect from six hours after the last drink. It keeps on increasing with time from mild to moderate to severe and in some cases can continue upto a month. The following are the possible side-effects:

  • Violence: Some patients get highly aggressive and start threatening the staff. To control them, they are kept restrained or given some sedative. But these are only for that patient who tries to hurt physically. Some drugs increase the violent feature of the consumer. As a result, they try to hurt others or sometimes even themselves.
  • Mental condition: A person who has been taking cocaine for a long time might develop severe complications like psychosis. In this disorder, the person becomes paranoid and start getting visual and audible hallucination as an outcome of delusional thinking. Sometimes you may also develop psychosis if you are suffering from mental health disorder such as lack of sleep.
  • Self-hurt: PCP or phencyclidine drug is a powerful drug that can give you a feeling of increased power or strength. As the patient thinks they have increased power, they try to harm themselves because of a misconception that they will not get hurt anyway. This feeling also increases the feeling of suicidal thoughts. When patients attempt to harm themselves, they get hurt badly. These physical injuries are treated before detoxification treatment. 
  • Medical sickness: When you have been on drugs for a long time, then at the time of withdrawal, you get very severe body pain. Opioid painkillers are given To reduce body pain, but you may develop a dependency on medicine. 
  • Life-threatening: Quitting from various types of drugs like opioids or alcohol can result in depressive symptoms. You might start to get suicidal thoughts and attempt to do so. A patient who develops suicidal thoughts are protected more carefully. They are treated immediately and with more attention until the patient recovers and stabilizes. These patients require more attention and focus. 
  • Sleep disturbance: Side-effects like insomnia, is very common. You will get disturbed while sleeping, or there will be no sleep at all. You will have a feeling of restlessness throughout the day.
  • Physical problems: Your body may experience many types of abnormalities like tremors or shaking, sweating, chills, flu, nausea, vomiting, headache, and running nose. You may also feel a sense of tiredness.


Different drugs have different side-effects and affect people differently. It is not a definite system for everyone, but the professional will help you with all types of problems. The medical centers help detoxing a drug addict and make him/her recover faster and better. If you want to know more, you can visit the site by clicking the link http://anaheimaddictiontreatment.com/ .

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