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5 Things You Should Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation…

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Thousands of treatments and procedures are advertised to women in order to help them prolong their youth. Vaginal rejuvenation (also known as a ‘Vaginoplasty’) definitely belongs in this category, with many guaranteeing perks of vagina tightening, incontinence prevention, eliminating dryness in the vagina and more. So, what exactly is vaginal rejuvenation? Vaginal rejuvenation is a 1-2 hour treatment that tightens the inner and outer muscles and components of the vagina, improving vaginal muscle definition, strength, and function. It is used to treat vaginal relaxation, which is prevalent after childbirth and as people age. In this article, we’re going to be telling you five things you should know about vaginal rejuvenation.

Having A Better Sex Life isn’t The Only Driving Factor…

Women undergo vaginal rejuvenation for a variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with sex. The vaginal structure is creating discomfort or functional issues, such as difficulty retaining tampons, noticeable scar tissue around the vagina, difficulties passing bowel movements, or hearing a “popping” sound during a yoga session, walking, or other light activities.

You May Notice A Positive Change In Your Sex Life

Vaginal rejuvenation shrinks the vaginal canal, increasing friction during intercourse, resulting in more stimulation and satisfaction during sex. According to studies, 83 to 90 percent of vaginal rejuvenation patients report an improvement in their sexual lives following surgery. Patients’ sexual lives are improved not only by the vaginal structure but also by the improvement in their aesthetic appearance, which leads to increased arousal. How does this affect women? They can reclaim their confidence!

Vaginoplasty Should Only Ever Be Carried Out By A Professional!

As you can imagine, vaginal rejuvenation is best performed by an aesthetic vaginal surgeon. Patients should explore all avenues and arrange for a specialist who has executed large number of surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty operations and is well-versed in the differing physiology, values and preferences, and current surgical management in order to achieve the best aesthetically and operationally possible results.

It’s A Long-Term Investment

Patients are usually fine for the rest of their life unless another natural childbirth occurs. Though it’s common for all portions of the body to relax gradually as we get older, the vaginal area shouldn’t ever revert to its pre-surgery state of relaxation.

There’s No Fixed Price For A Vaginoplasty

Patients who undergo vaginal rejuvenation usually receive a treatment regime that is completely tailored to their specific needs. If you need more significant work than others, especially if you’ve had several vaginal deliveries or have excessive sagging (pelvic organ prolapse) producing urine incontinence or difficulties passing stools, your price may be affected. Usually, during the initial visit, clients are able to acquire a more exact estimate. It enables the surgeon to conduct a complete physical examination to determine the degree of the problems and speak with the patient more to learn about their goals. They can accurately construct a method that fits inside the patient’s budget after putting all of this together.

To Conclude…

It is critical for any woman considering vaginal rejuvenation to have reasonable expectations. There is no way to get any portion of your body back to the way it was when you were 19. Remember that the vagina has a wide range of “normal anatomy.” What you consider perfect may not be ideal for someone else, and what one group finds beautiful may not be so for another.

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