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10 Reasons Why Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

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10 Reasons Why Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

Yes, exercise can improve your sex life. Is it really that much of a surprise? A person goes running for three months to prep for a arduous hiking trip, so why wouldn’t you run to improve the same type of stamina and endurance in the bedroom? It is an often overlooked, rarely practiced aspect of life that many people will never see the benefits of. The truth is that exercise may be the best way to improve your sex life.

Sex isn’t so much about love and passion as it is about stamina and endurance; it is a highly physical activity. When we exercise, we put our circular and cardiovascular systems to work, and this greatly improves blood flow and the overall functioning status of your body. Sex revolves around healthy blood flow. If you’re still not convinced that regular physical exercise can improve your sex, here are ten reasons why you should exercise.

Self Confidence

By regularly exercising, you will have done something constructive with your days. Our jobs are usually just our jobs, and it’s something we have to do, which is different from deciding to do something with our leisure time. Once you get out of work, go for a short run or take a trip to the local gym. You will have come out feeling like you’ve challenged yourself, and that you’re on your way to maximizing your body’s potential. This undoubtedly improves your self-confidence.


By regularly hitting the gym or exercising after work, you’ll have worked out all the kinks and stresses from the work day and will come out spent, relaxed and high-spirited. If you typically come home from work cranky and ready to zone out in front of the TV, you should exercise instead. Having done something constructive, you will also feel better about yourself and will radiate that happiness unto others.

Easy Arousal

Many have spoken of a “runner’s high” or “euphoric exercise”. When we exercise, our brains release endorphins which evoke a positive and thrilling sensation through our bodies. This sounds very similar to a thing called sex. Regular exercise means a regular release of endorphins, which eventually will enable your body to release endorphins quicker, once it becomes accustomed. This in turn helps you become aroused quicker and more attentively, as your body releases more endorphins at the initial arousal.


Exercising stretches your muscles out, and overtime can improve your flexibility. You’ll discover new sexual positions that were previously impossible to execute, and the previous pains and uncomfortable stances you once experienced will be nonexistent.


Your circulatory system is the cornerstone of your sexual potential. With healthy and adequate blood flow to the vagina, you can count on highly prized sex, which only comes with regular exercise. As your heart rate increases during regular exercise, your blood rushes through your body and basically revitalizes your central system. Our sexual organs are muscles, and muscles need blood flow to work properly.


Exercise will also improve your strength as an individual. By working free-weights or tension exercises into your routine, you can help strengthen and tone your arm, leg and back muscles. This will help you hold those uncomfortable (yet sensational) positions longer, and will more or less take the hard work out of what’s supposed to be a pleasurable experience.

A Stress-Reliever

When you get out of work, especially on a bad day, go for a run or lift some weights before surrendering to your couch. This will get your stresses out before you walk in your door, so that you won’t be in a bad mood when your man gets home from work. Nothing is worse than when one person is ready to hit the sheets, and the other is still going on about what happened at work, and how much it upsets them. By going for a walk, run, or workout right after work, we forget about these problems and focus more on our home lives.

Feeling Sexual

We talked about comparing runner’s high to sexual intercourse, and there is no doubt that exercising makes you feel sexy. The day will come when you’re running down the road and truck full of good-looking boys will honk and howl at your amazing body. That will make a woman feel sexy.

Stamina and Endurance

Cardiovascular exercise greatly improves stamina and endurance, which are the cornerstones of amazing sex. The longer you can last, and the less tired you become will greatly affect your performance. The point of sex is to enjoy it the most, and by prolonging it we can experience more intense orgasms. Your heightened strength and endurance will help with this, but you must exercise regularly to optimize it.

Physical Appearance

Lastly, we have physical appearance, which is simple: If you work out regularly, your partner will be turned-on! Your newly-toned and shapely body will put only one thing on his mind: you naked! What more a could a girl ask for?

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