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Yes, Ladies and Gents, You Can Indeed Stop Hair Loss

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There are many sceptics that believe once the hair loss process starts, there is absolutely no way back – you’re pretty much doomed to lose your locks and never see them again. For many sufferers, the mere emotion of hope leads to them spending ridiculous amounts of cash on scams and products filled with promises, when in reality they simply do not work!

So, what is the truth behind it all? Are there actually treatments and products readily available on the market that can prevent hair fall and grow new hair? If it’s a full cure for baldness that you are after, as in a product that can miraculously grow back your whole head of lost hair in one go, then the answer is absolutely not! Even after years of research, there still isn’t a full cure for hair loss, as it currently stands. The most effective way of building a brand new head of hair is to have a hair transplant, which will cost you anything between £5000 – £30,000 depending on your individual requirements.


So, what about natural supplements and topical serums, I hear you asking? Do they actually work? Can they prevent hair fall and if so, then how? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple – Yes, there are indeed treatments out there that can slow down hair loss dramatically and in some cases even stop the process, paving the way for new hair growth and maintenance of stronger, thicker and healthier hair growth. Treatments like these don’t just grow on trees, so it’s essential that you do your research and try to find out what product works best for your individual case.


HR23+ hair health tablet and scalp therapy treatment serum can definitely slow down hair loss in men and women suffering from early stages of male and female pattern baldness. As in all cases, results will vary for each individual, but the end result is very positive across the whole board.

HR23+ tablets were released in April 2014, with the clear intention of stopping hair loss in male and female patients suffering from early stages of hair fall. This potent yet perfectly safe formula combines 23 key essential hair health ingredients into one winning supplement in order to combat balding and thinning hair. The key ingredients in HR23+ tablets include Saw Palmetto – a potent plant extract that has shown to be a DHT blocker during numerous scientific studies, along with Biotin – named the ‘hair and nail growth additive’ known for its hair growth and volumising properties. Taking two tablets of HR23+ a day with water can help dramatically slow down the fall of hair, thicken hair follicles and in many cases stop the hair loss process completely.

HR23+ serum is a scalp therapy treatment for men and women suffering from thinning hair, particularly on the crown area of the head. If you’re looking for total uniqueness in an anti-hair loss liquid treatment then HR23+ serum is something you should strongly consider. HR23+ Hair Growth Serum with Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) Combines nourishing actives for the hair. It also contains the popular anti-hair loss ingredient Saw Palmetto, which in some cases, has been scientifically tested to block DHT, the cause of patterned baldness. This excellent hair loss solution can work well when used in conjunction with HR23+ Tablets.


The catch is a pretty costly one. These products don’t come cheap! You will be looking to spend around the £50 mark for one month’s supply worth of tablets and nearer to £60 for the serum. It doesn’t stop there – to get the best results, you’ll need to keep taking HR23+ for the most effective results. This however is the case with the majority of hair loss treatments that are available on the market, so don’t let this surprise you.

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