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Supporting Biden: Letters to the editor, Sept. 23, 2020

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Former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accepts the Democratic Party nomination for president during the last day of the Democratic National Convention.

Former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accepts the Democratic Social gathering nomination for president all through the final day of the Democratic Nationwide Convention.


Again Biden, make America sane again

Why will I, a proclaimed Christ follower, vote for Joe Biden? Allow me to listing some explanations:

▪ He will get the job done for racial equality and social justice.

▪ He understands that weather improve and pandemics are threats to our way of lifestyle that need to be tackled head on.

▪ He is not a recurring liar nor baseless conspiracy-principle promoter.

▪ Although he opposes abortion, he acknowledges the have to have for alternative in a pluralistic modern society this sort of as ours.He also has observed that abortions considerably decrease when beginning handle is effortlessly available and women’s health and fitness clinics are permitted to prosper.

▪ He will preserve Social Stability and do the job to boost health treatment for all.

▪ He supports our allies and does not admire tyrants. He sees The united states as an essential participant on the globe stage, not a go-it-alone, all-about-ourselves country.

▪ He supports your independence to personal a gun with fair safeguards in put.

▪ He will regard the democratic procedure and not denigrate our extensive revered institutions.

▪ He will appoint certified, expert, honorable people today to surround him and will pay attention to them. When he would make problems he will personal them.

Vote for Joe and enable make The us sane again.

Wherever is the information judgment?

There is one thing pretty significantly completely wrong with this region when the news of Nancy Pelosi traveling to a hair salon in San Francisco gets additional focus than Trump (supposedly) calling American troopers killed in action “losers” and “suckers”.

Ryoichi Morita, Coarsegold

Be louder than the anxiety of COVID

I am crafting re: “Should Fresno Dad and mom Have the Selection to Ship Young ones to Class All through Covid-19 Pandemic?” I have a son who has mild autism and anxiousness condition. However, this consistent adjust is hurting him far more than supporting his condition.

School have always been consistent in his life, and the simple fact that they will continue to be closed has influenced many like my son who are having difficulties with the exact disability. It really is easy to understand to dread in regard to our youngsters remaining in school in the course of this pandemic. Having said that, why should really our youngsters spend for the worry that has been constantly emphasized in our neighborhood?

We are so fearful of this virus, and we are missing the genuine effects it is getting on our children. Though we are waiting for COVID-19 to plateau, we are permitting it to also plateau our children’s instruction. For occasion, lots of getting caught and held at the similar grade stage they have been in when this all 1st started.

For these causes, I produce to you due to the fact our youngsters have no voice and we the moms and dads should be louder than dread alone.

Acting like pampered little ones

The letter from Roger Quick in the Sept. 4 Bee sadly displays the failure of lots of Christian pastors who seem much more intrigued in satisfying people than in pleasing God. They guide their flock into failing the next temptation of Christ by commanding (alternatively than proclaiming) the claims of God, demanding that God defend them from their own foolishness. They assert to be persecuted when in truth they are like pampered kids complaining that their Wifi is out and there is no chocolate milk in the fridge.

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