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Sports Architects Recommend Telescopic Seating

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Sports architects around the world are recommending telescopic seating for a number of different reasons. For many different types of venues, it is recommended, because it is economical, flexible, and very versatile.

A growing trend in the design of Stadiums around the world is that they should no longer be used for a single sport. A baseball stadium can easily be converted to use as a football stadium, or even for soccer. For various reasons that can now include the fact that were any now much more closely connected, many sports are quickly becoming popular in different countries.

Basketball, and soccer as well as cricket are enjoying tremendous international popularity, and it makes complete economical sense to have stadiums that can easily converted to different sports. Instead of having a stadium for each specific sport, owners are electing to build arenas that can be converted for multiple occasions. A soccer stadium can be host to thousands of soccer fans on one night, and be the host to a magnificent rock concert, with extravagant stage and sound lighting in a few hours.

One of the important keys to easy conversion is the seating arrangement, and telescopic seating ensures that each seat offers a good vantage point. Telescopic seating offers versatility, where it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it can be used in venues of different sizes. The configuration is easy to move in and out of place, and seats can be made of different materials. The telescoping controls can be designed to operate either manually or automatically.

Some of the popular stadia where telescoping is used include the Busan World Cup Soccer Stadium in South Korea, which is designed to hold more than 52000 fans. The formation has proven to be an efficient space saver in multi-purpose arenas, and churches, and can be found in churches and mosques around the world.

There is an inherent amount of versatility that is included in the design process, as the seats can be made of a wide variety of materials. For auditoriums and arenas, where some of the emphasis may be on comfort and style, designers can opt to use upholstery and thicker foam with fabrics that include tucks and pleats for aesthetic appeal. It is possible to include extra amenities such as arm rests and cup holders for extra comfort. Bleacher seating can be as simple as foam padding that is secured on aluminum benches, while more complex designs can include fold over seats with backrests. The platform will usually be on wheels where it can be moved in and out of position.

The biggest benefits come from the fact that it saves space when it is not in use. The telescoping act can be fascinating as thousands of seats can virtually disappear to form one vertical panel and can reappear at the push of a button. Stadium owners like the fact that system is easy to maintain, and seats can be designed and made of material that is very easy to clean.

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