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Say No To Smoking And Yes To Chinese Medicine

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Say No To Smoking And Yes To Chinese Medicine

Smoking is one of the most popular vices of the society. It is considered to be an essential past time of people after parties and other social gatherings. Wherever there is a long hours of conversation, smoking exists. Smoking is a habit that a person can live with or without. However, this habit is also known as a self-pollution because cigarettes affect the air people breathe. This is the reason why nowadays, people, organization, and communities encourage smokers to quit.

Pipes, cigars, tobacco contain various cancer-producing and noxious ingredients. It contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and a variety if harmful substances called tar. Too much smoking has its bad effects on the smoker. A heavy smoker may increase his or her risk to have lung cancer. Even mild smokers are in risk in getting tongue or mouth cancer. Emphysema, bronchitis, heart diseases, hardening of the arteries may occur with frequent cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, according to a cigarette commercial. Many physicians advise a patient is simple: If you are not a smoker, do not begin. If you are a chain smoker, bring to a halt. If you can not end smoking, reduce or lessen it.

Besides from avoiding temptation, one may try to quit smoking by taking Chinese medicines. One of these is the ear acupuncture. In most cases, a patient experiences lack of craving to tobacco after the treatment. This method also rouses detoxification. It encourages the patient to relax which enables them to fight the smoking habit. The outcome differs from one smoker to another. It really depends whether one is determined to stop smoking or not.

Quit Smoking With Gan Cao

This Chinese medicine formula is said to be effective in addressing smoking when it starts to become a bad habit.

It can discourage the habitual smoker from puffing cigarette after cigarette. All they have to do is to breathe in the gan cao aroma. Prepare 300 grams of gan cao and 1000 cc of water. Simmer gan cao to form a paste and then strain the extract. Mixed this paste with tobacco. Both the aroma and the taste of gan cao help in treating habitual smoking.

Kudzu remedies For Smoking

Kudzu has been a popular herbal medicine since 206 B.C. Kudzu has a lot of medical uses and it can be mixed with other herbs for maximum results.

One of the main ingredients of kudzu is isoflavone. This substance can replace nicotine in the brain receptors to help a person to stop his smoking habit. Take kudzu tablet once a day or as a dietary supplement. It is available in tea, tablet, and capsule form. Ask an herbalist or a physician to determine the exact dosage for you.

Quitting a habit, whether good or bad, is never an easy task. If you do not make it thee first time, try again. One should determine his or her strength to quit smoking, fight the temptations, and get this opportunity to a better life.

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