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Murder and Marijuana in Northern Virginia

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By DJ Rippert

Risky company, reccless behavior.  Federal prosecutors not too long ago charged associates of a Northern Virginia drug gang, the Reccless Tigers, with a selection of felonies.  A US News & Globe Report short article promises many associates of the gang have been billed with “murder in a sweeping new indictment that blames the northern Virginia street gang with two fatalities, several fireplace bombings and a complex bi-coastal drug operation that supplied marijuana-laced vape pens to youngsters during the region’s school programs.”  This is not the gang’s to start with brush with the legislation.  Nearly 20 members of the gang and associates of the gang previously pleaded guilty to federal prices stemming from drug related routines.

New little ones in city.  Authorities sources say that the Reccless Tigers had been formed in 2011 in the Centreville spot of Fairfax County.  The gang mounted a fairly advanced operation.  Drug sellers would be induced to go into financial debt to the Reccless Tigers for the order of cannabis to be marketed in Northern Virgina.  When the sellers struggled to pay back the credit card debt they would be pressured to work at a marijuana farm in Hayfork, California which had ties to the gang.  In essence, the gang operated a vertically built-in farm-to-vape-pen organization.  The farm was raided in July 2019.

The charge of cooperation.  As the USN&WR report states, “Brandon White was specified a selection, prosecutors say: If he opted not to testify towards a member of the Reccless Tigers road gang who had assaulted him, a gang member would shell out him $8,000 for his accidents. But if he testified, he’d be killed. White testified. Significantly less than a few months later on, he was lifeless, his physique remaining in the Virginia woods.”

The financial gain of illegality.  It is challenging to visualize how the Reccless Tigers would have been ready to fund their legal business if Virginia was a person of the eleven states which have legalized the recreational sale and use of marijuana.  In Virginia, the penalty for possessing small quantities of cannabis was decriminalized effective July 1.  Nonetheless, there are however intense legal penalties for the manufacture, transport and distribution of cannabis.  Criminals inclined to bear the dangers of offering the marijuana are in a position to profit handsomely.  And, as with practically all criminal enterprises, turf, territory and violence accompany the crimes.  The value of Virginia’s intransigence on legalizing cannabis is much more than dropped taxes and dropped authentic jobs.  It also consists of dropped life.

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