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Bunion Surgery – What Is Bunion Surgery?

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Bunion surgery is usually done due to a variety of reasons. The incision done in a bunion surgery is usually located on the big toe, where bunions are generally located. When non-surgical procedures have been done and there is still no improvement of one’s bunion status, a surgery may be the last resort.

By definition, a bunion is the outward protrusion of the lower joint of your big toe. It is highly associated with tightly-fitting shoes and high heels. Because of this, almost 95% of those developing bunions are women. Even famous Hollywood icons were reported to have bunions due to frequent usage of high heeled shoes.

Severe cases of bunion causes the big toe to turn towards the other toes, causing severe misalignment. In this case, the bunion may cause big problems on the client’s walking pattern. Sometimes, patients may not be able to wear the shoes they like due to the extent of deformity.

Every patient has her own reason of undergoing surgery. Some of them may want to get rid of the bunion because of how it looks but surgery is often only advised for bunions that already affects the daily function of the patient either due to severe pain or severe deformity.

Before bunion surgery, you will be advised to undergo a series of tests to assess your over-all health. Some of the tests will include xrays, blood tests, and cardio-pulmonary clearance. Your medical history will also be included so your surgeon may need to get a report of your over-all health from your family physician.

The patient may undergo surgery mildly or fully sedated. In most cases, only local anesthesia is needed and the surgery is often done via the outpatient department. It may be better if you do it in an orthopaedic clinic, preferably under the hands of an expert podiatric surgeon.

Bunion surgery usually lasts about an hour or two, depending on the degree of deformity, the type of surgery to be done and the expertise of your surgeon. Quicker operation doesn’t always mean perfect surgery. Some bunion surgeries even last 5 hours.

Expect to have some plates, wires or orthopaedic splints attached to your affected foot after surgery, especially for cases of severe deformity. It is important to know how to care for your foot so you wouldn’t compromise your healing process.

After bunion surgery, it may take 3-6 months before your big toe could fully recovery. This is because bones heal slower than other parts of your body. If you’re not careful, it may result to recurrence of the bunion. Bunion surgery may be contraindicated for clients with severe cases of bone degeneration or very low bone density.

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